The days of two engineers, three spies and six snipers on your team are over. The Highlander Open is about to begin


You'll be playing head-to-head against other communities and groups. In front of hundreds of people. For shiny medals.

The cup will be in 2 main parts, the Group Stage and the Single Elimination Playoff Stage with finals at the end.


    • Final groups announced: Now


    • Schedule deadline for Week 1 matches: Thursday 10th July at 23.59 CEST

    • Week 1 start: Sunday 13th July

    • Deadline for Week 1 results: Sunday 20th July at 23:59 CEST


    • Schedule deadline for Week 2 matches: Thursday 17th July at 23.59 CEST

    • Week 2 start: Sunday 20th July

    • Deadline for Week 2 results: Sunday 27th July at 23:59 CEST


    • Schedule deadline for Week 3 matches: Thursday 24th July at 23.59 CEST

    • Week 3 start: Sunday 27th July

    • Deadline for Week 3 results: Sunday 3rd August at 23:59 CEST


    • Tiebreaker Week: Sunday 3rd August to Sunday 10th August (If you are tied in points with another team in your group after the

       three weeks, you will be issued a Tiebreaker match for this week)


At this point the top 2 in each group (128 teams in total) will be placed into the Single Elimination Playoffs.


    • Round 1 of playoffs start: Sunday 10th August

    • Round 2 of playoffs start: Sunday 17th August

    • Round 3 of playoffs start: Sunday 24th August

    • Round 4 of playoffs start: Sunday 31st August

    • Quarter-Finals week start: Sunday 7th September

    • Semi-Finals week start: Sunday 14th September

    • Grand Final to be played between: Sunday 21st September and Sunday 5th October







    • Group stage Week 1 - cp_process_final & pl_upward

    • Group stage Week 2 - pl_badwater & cp_granary

    • Group stage Week 3 - cp_gullywash_final1 & koth_lakeside_final

    • Tiebreakers are played best of 3 maps


    • Round 1 playoffs - koth_viaduct & cp_gravelpit (cp_process_final as decider)

    • Round 2 playoffs - cp_granary & pl_upward (koth_lakeside_final as decider)

    • Round 3 playoffs - koth_lakeside_final & cp_process_final (pl_upward)

    • Round 4 playoffs - pl_badwater & cp_gullywash_final1 (cp_granary)

    • Quarter Finals, Semi Finals and the Grand Final are all played Best of 3 maps

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